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when are some new games coming out that are cool?
I played quake3, half life, and unreal tournament, but there haven't been any great games like that in a while

is there a new type of game on the rise?


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I agree smith i havnt seen any games recently that look interesting. Im hoping a UT2 is in the works :)


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...You have got to get Deus Ex, that is the only game that has come close to the intensity of Half-life, it really is a good involving game. Deus Ex really causes you to use the gray mattter...


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I plan on getting both GP3 and Madden 2001 which are now available in the market... These two represent the best games presently available in the genre they represent, racing sims and sport games...

Acid Rain

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Just wait untill the new doom and wolfenstien come out. You know they are going to be a hit.

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Acid Rain, doubtfully. I for one would not touch any Quake, Doom, or Wolfenstein. I agree Doom was good tech for that time, but the game was junk, like the other two. UT, HalfLife+mods, HalfLife2, TF2, DeusEx, Halo, hehe...
Those are just my tastes, and definitely not yours, so be happy we differ...