New build - video editing



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Current configuration:
AMD Athlon 850MHz
Asus AV7-133
SilenX 450w PSU
SilenX 80mm case fans X 2
512 Megs RAM
60 GB WD hard drive
80 GB WD hard drive X 2
Windows 98SE
Zoom V90 PCI Faxmodem

My last build was in May 2000. The reason for doing so again is to build a system capable of video editing. When I built in 2000 it was so simple to select the components. My needs were few and so were the available selections. Now I want more and there is too much and too confusing a selection process.

My general usage is for spreadsheets and surfing.

My new endeavor is to begin video capturing from VHS and burn to DVD. I have many original tapes that are no longer available that will require editing before burning.

1.) I am impressed with the reports on the Antec Sonata III. It appears to reduce noise levels and has a solid power supply. The only objection is the front door.
2.) I currently have an Asus motherboard and except for the chip set fan dying on me it has caused no problems.
3.) I understand that the Intel CPU's have a little more power than the AMD's. I have also read that keeping Intel cpu's on Intel boards may reduce conflicts.
4.) I was thinking along the lines of an Intel E6550 2.33 GHZ or there abouts.
5.) The motherboard for the above CPU really eludes me. On my current system I planned for future expansion and would like to not limit myself too much this time, future move to a Quad-core for example.
6.) I would like the motherboard to be able to run Windows 98SE. I know it is not being supported but I have some old software that I run and may use a dual boot system.
7.) I would like to use Windows XP Home Edition which I own but do not use.
8.) I am okay with onboard audio. It's probably much better than what I have now.
9.) RAM - 2-3 GB, which manufacture and speed?
10.) Video capture hardware? One local vendor suggested a TV card with input ports and software. I do not watch TV when using the computer.
11.) Cost ??? $1500- $2000. Anything short of that might allow me to purchase a flat panel monitor.
12.) I do not currently OC my system, but I understand that the new motherboards and cpu's are more tolerant that the older ones.

I could really use a good jumping off place for this new build. Any good configurations that I might research and refine would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.


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10.) Video capture hardware? One local vendor suggested a TV card with input ports and software. I do not watch TV when using the computer.
If not a tuner card, which will have the inputs and outputs you need, look for a VIVO card. It stands for video in, video out.
If you don't game, perhaps consider either an ATI 690G or Nvidia 7050 chipset board. They're mATX (smaller) but have decent but not gaming level integrated video, some with DVI and S-video out and I think support for hdtv (not tv tuning but video playback). It would mean an AMD cpu. The Intels do have an edge in encoding. If you end up with a separate video card, stick with Intel.


1. Feedbacks of Antec brand PSU have been mixed in the last two years or so.
5. Be aware that computer technology moves at a rapid pace.
eg. Since your socket A processor design, there has been socket 754. 939 and current AM2.
That does not include Intel designs, those are just the AMD processor sockets.
So plan accordingly.
9. Corsair, Crucial, Kingston... generally has a good reputation.


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Your Video Editing Software specs should lead you in the right direction.

TMPGenc for example would add $100 in cost to your software. It would do HDV also. I think it will utilize dual or quad cores in the encoding process.

NTFS is necessary for large file encoding also. That would put Windows 98 out of the loop.

For information on the VHS to DVD process, Video has so much information it is overwhelming.