New Athlon??



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Hey guys, I just upgraded my computer from:

Duron 800 @1000
Chaintech 7AJA Mobo
13Gb Seagate ATA66
128Mb 100Mhz SDram
Voodoo5 5500
Soundblaster Plat
4x 4x 24x HP Re-Writer
Slot loading Pioneer DVD
to a:
Athlon (AVIA) 1.2Ghz @ 1.3Ghz
Abit KT7 (3c BIOS)
512Mb PC133 Ram
Elsa Geforce2 GTS
12x 8x 32x Writer
Slot loading Pioneer DVD
Adaptec 2940W/UW with a Seagate 4Gb SCSI
2x Seagate 13.2Gb ATA66 Raid 0

First off, what you think of the new system? Next is how overclockable are the AVIA chips? Cheers! :¬) Sj

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I think the graphics card may have been a step sideways if anything, but all the rest is sounding good stuff

The AVIAs are very overclockable, they were the core before AXIA, that famous overclocker
You might be able to get 1.4 depending on your cooling.

Whats happenin to the reast of the old system? you could have a pretty nice backup system with a few extra parts.


(Damn it makes me jealous when people's backup systems default at twice the speed of mine!)

(I'm assuming u also moved the SB to your new rig? )

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