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I have just installed two ne2000 compatible network cards in my two computers. They have both come up in win95 and appear to be working fine, however the two computers aren't communicating. I have installed netbeui and client for microsoft network. The computers can see themselves but not each other. I am using BNC connections, do I need terminators as I have only two computers? Any ideas anyone?

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First u need term..on both end,also make sure they have d same WORKGROUP name (control panel->Network->identification)and deferent Computer Name last file and Print sharing Enable that should do it. good luck ..
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Try having the ipx/spx and the netbeui protocol installed. Remove those 2 protocols for the dial up adapter if you use that. should work fine then....


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The correct answer is to go into Control Panel>Networks
Click on add, select services, select microsoft, select file and print sharing for microsoft networks.
Alternatively, in the first part of the Networks dialogue box, click on the file and print sharing, then I want to allow others to access my files
If you want to actually access any resources you may share them out after restarting the PC.
Go into windows explorer, right click on any folder and select properties, there should now be a sharing tab in the properties dialogue.

Also if you are using BNC you must always have terminators, one at each end of the cable.
The normal layout for a two pc BNC network is to have one cable with a t-piece at each end, one arm of the t-piece connects to the cable, the other arm connects to the terminator and the leg of the t conects to the network card.


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