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Hi all,

I have a connection based on Dialup, My cable net operator basically

allows me to connect to the intenet using the dialup.

now previously i use to directly connect to the internet just had to put wire in the internet pin of Linksys Wireless G- router,

now problem is that since he has put his cable pin on the LAN portion so only one pc at the time can be get connected using his own dialup.

I want to basically share the internet to my other PC after i connect from one pc to the dialup.

Situation is same as when we connect to dialup and we want to share the internet to other pcs




If insufficient amount of ports on the router,
You can purchase/use a switch for additional ports.


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Dial up Internet will only let one client log in at a time. At least that is what AOL did when I was on dial up.

Depending on your operating system, both computers could use the internet by enabling Internet Connection Sharing on one computer and connect the second computer to the first with an ethernet crossover cable.