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Im not sure if this is a gaming, or a network question, so i apologise if im posting in the wrong place!

At home I have a 2 pc network. One has win95 on it (parents), this also has AnalogX Proxy on it. My PC, Dual boot 98se/2k, uses this proxy 4 net access. msn, ie6, etc. seem 2 work ok, but Counter-strike doesnt. I have tried using AnalogX port mapper, but I cant get CS 2 work through it. I dont want 2 get a router, though I no cs will work with 1. Does anyone have any suggestions to get CS 2 work, other than 2 dialup from my pc.
Thanx in advance.


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search for a little program called HL proxy
I'm sure that'll fix your problem

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Hey guys and gals, I'm not sure if this is the same problem that you're talking about, but I also have a problem with CS over a network. In fact I've actually got a problem running cs/hl full stop but I'll see if anyone's got any suggestions about the networking one first...

I've got a win2000 athlon geforce 2 machine and a win2000 K6/2 450 16Mb banshee machine. The problem is with the k6/2 450 machine. I'm not sure if it's a graphics problem or what, but when hosting a 1 v 1 LAN CS match I get pings of 60 on the server and 300 on the other machine!!!

However I think it might be a graphics problem as when I'm playing on the k6/2 machine it feels like it's trying to go super fast and keeps 'juddering', then becomes chuggy and is basically unplayable.

Any suggestions? Or is anyone else having a win2000/banshee/half life problem?


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Thanx for the help danny, it solved my problem ok.

Now bigtricky u should not be getting pings above 40 on a lan!

The speed of the machine does theoretically does not affect the ping. However on cs if a machine has a frame rate that refreshes slower than the ping it will increase the ping. So i would suggest u find out the framerate, type in console:

cl_showfps 1

Then if it is very low eg < 25 u have a problem.
Hope that helps