Network at home win95,win98, win3.1



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arguh i need help i have everything i need, network cards in all machines, 2 in my server/gateway, a 5 port hub and a cable modem. i have 3 computers, the gateway, and 2 386's gateway is running win98, 1 386 is running win95, one is going to be running win3.1 when i get it set up.

My problem:
I want to network them all with wingate and such BUT i am having problems setting up wingate as well as the networking, file charing etc. the win95-98 is easy for file sharing but throw win3.1 into the midst and i start having trouble. How would i go about doing this, also preferably i would like to even have file sharing in DOS, would it be smarter to get another comp say a 486 and make it a novell box or something? i have many copies of linux but no time to learn it. i would like to have ip access from all comps! PLZ help me!! if you know any sites with good tutorials or personal experience would be great!! i do have ICQ for real time chat if need be. Thanks so much!!!!

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Egad, why would you want to run windows 3.1? Stick linux onto that box instead!! And just have a half hour a day poke-and-see... you don't need 2 hour slabs to learn stuff. browse online howto pages and so on while you're relaxing. Print things out and read them at breakfast/lunch/dinner

IP access is easy enough, install wingate on your 'server', then install TCP/IP networking on each computer (server included) and give each a unique IP (eg thru or however many computers u have). I have no idea about win3.1, just forget it that OS is crap.

Linux seems daunting at first but trust me, it gets easier each day if you use it regularly. The ideal setup once you know enough linux is to configure IP masquerading on your linux box and connect the modem to the linux machine. Then everything just works transparently (ie you don't have to manually set proxy servers for everything).


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Thanx very much for the response i think i am gonna install both linux and Win 3.11 for workgroups and i will try to learn linux on the side when i have time. I have used it a few times but i am having troubles with it so i dunno, we'll se how it goes!