Negitives about the laser mouse



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I am looking to buy a microsoft intelli explorer (laser mouse). So far all I have head is that they are great. What are the downfalls of this mouse other than its inflated price tag?

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Well, the only complaint I've heard is, that if you move it too fast, it doesn't track right on some surfaces. This might be a problem to someone who plays games like Doom (shows how long it's been since *I* played games<g> ), and if you need to move the mouse really quickly it might not work right for you. I am using the Intellimouse Optical, and my father uses the Intellimouse with Ieye, and they work just great for what my father and I use them for... basic computer stuff<g>.

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I've just bought one also.
It works great and its surprisingly responsive on my mat (Responsiveness depends upon the surface you use it on)

There is one (minor) problem I am having - See main post in Peripherals!
And it is minor, but annoying.


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My mouse pad is very colorful and detailed. My intelli mouse eye hasn't skipped a beat. Only negative is that the ball mice are still annoying the hell out me when I use other computers.


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The explorer just isn't comfortable for me. The thumb button is also a little high and would be perfect for me if it were a little lower. As Sir Flannel had mentioned, the mouse doesn't perform as well for me in FPS games as I would like.

This is what I don't like about it. I know a lot of others who like it. It's on a third machine that I rarely use now. BTW, I do like the regular intellieye and use it on my main machine when I do 2d stuff and as a backup in case my other mouse goes bad in the middle of a game.


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I have a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer, and i have no down talk about it. In games, it runs so smooth, i can't even describe in words. In Unreal Tournament, my Frags started rolling in faster then ever. I use it on a gray mouse pad...old and dirty, and it works great. I have tried to use it just on my desktop, but i think my desk is TOO shiny, cuz it runs funky. but aside from that, it is GREAT.


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ohmy, i looooooooove this mouse. i got it for $49 at a computer show. it's sooooo smooth and slick! it feels like it's moving on air! at first, i didn't really like it. it felt all freakified, now i looooooove it. i tried out my other mouse, and it felts so bumpy! you hafta get one of these!

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Anyone know how to change the laser color?


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They only have problems with fast movement when the mouse sensitivity is too low. If you push it up it gets rid of the problem.

I think it would be great to have a different coloured LED on the mouse. How about a transparent green mouse with a yellow LED?



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It felt a bit strange to me at first, but after a short while felt very comfortable. I use it mostly on a dull, dark surface, but have tried it just about everywhere and found that it is less than perfect on some light colored shiny surfaces. After a few hours use you'll begin to forget about that 'inflated' price tag.


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I ended up getting the intellimouse with intellieye. Didn't like the feel of the full Explorer version so I went with the updated version of the intellimouse. Gotta love not having to clean it.