Needed number of watts for system



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Atm I'm building a new computer system:

Athlon 64 3500+ (S939)
Abit AV8 K8T800 (S939)
GF6800 GT
WD Raptor 74 GB
Seagate Barracuda SATA 7200.7 160GB
1 GB OCZ DDR400 (up to 2 GB in future probably)
DVD drive, floppy, DVD burner possibly in future
Audigy 2 ZS Sound
ISDN adaptor
+ PCI TV card possibly in future
Cooldrive 4 for the Raptor and looks :D

And perhaps an extra PATA (IDE) drive and a PCI cooling card.

What 'number of watts' PSU do you think I'd need to run this lot stable? I'm currently thinking an Antec Truepower 480 Watt, but I haven't got experience to tell me whether this is enough.


Antec is supposedly capable of supplying the rated power continuously . Your power supply is more than big enough.
Todd a

Todd a

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That should be plenty.

I would drop the hard drive cooler and just have a good case with a fan that blows over the hard drives. Those Raptor drives have some very impressive fluid bearings and really do not get that hot or noisy compared to even older 7200RPM drives.

I also just posted that NewEgg just got in the Antec NeoPower 480w and has a $30 rebate right now. It is the latest and greatest from Antec at a nice $150. It has a 120mm fan and all the power cables are removable and modular and they have connectors for 24 and 20 pin ATX along with SATA, Molic, 3 pin, 4 pin power, and even 6 pin PCI-E connectors. They also have a fan connector for thermallt controlled fans. It also has dual 12v rails with completely seperate power for a combined ~380w.
Todd a

Todd a

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Oh and this is a link to a power calculator for computers. It is not the most accurate, but it will give you an idea of around what you need. They are pretty close on the power supply and graphics cards, but they are a bit high on the ratings for the drives and such. They list hard drives as 25w, but I checked Maxtor's 7200 RPM drives and they are only about half that. The same is likely true for the optical drives and things like USB devices.

The GeForce6800U is 110w and that CPU you are looking at is likely around 90w. Suprizingly that Raptor drive actually uses less power than the Maxtor at about 7.8w. It disapates only slightly more (from friction) at 8.9w. Really you could probably get by with an Antec 380w or 430w just fine, but 480w is BETTER! :D