Need your advice on good tv box.



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I got the Roku 3 to stream for netflix. Netflix was already on my TV, but this roku3 device simplifies it for netflix + hundreds of channels. It was on sale for $85...regularly $100.

It is perfect if you want to ditch your Satellite or Cable TV subscription. They can get costly per month. I don't watch that many channels. On average, I watch about 10-15 channels. The direct-tv subscription gives me about 200 or so. Most of them are HD channels of their counterparts / shopping channels. Ridiculous right?

Roku 3 supports external usb for various video formats. Quote " A USB port enables local media playback (supported formats include: MP4 (H.264) & MKV (H.264) video / AAC & MP3 audio / JPG & PNG image)."

It has ever. I should be good for watching some anime.

The roku3 is just an external box.

Why did I consider the Roku3? Besides dropping my TV subscription (My lease expires in December), The Roku3 has a faster processor which should make it smooth playing for anything to watch on the TV.

I would stay away from that Android media player as it has no reviews. It might be what you need, but it is a bigger risk.

We need to know how much you are willing to spend?