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I've got a PII 400 on a Dell/Intel 440BX mobo. I want to upgrade to something a lot speedier, but I'm not sure what mobo and CPU to get. I don't want to spend too much, though, so I probably can't get anything over 750 mhz until prices drop low enough. Also, I've got 128mb DRAM. Do you think I'll need Rambus?

Tim Lee

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I am afraid that your Dell mobo won't support speed higher than 450MHZ. In other words, it won't support PIII processors. I once had DELL GX1 with PII400 processor in it. There are two versions of the mobo. Only the second revision can handle PIIIs up to 500MHZ. So make sure to call Dell find more info about your pc.
You should never get a pc like DELL, GATEWAY, MICRON...... you can't overclock them.

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Go coppermine and choose 550,600 or 650
Mb i would pick the abit be6-2 or an asus
You Don't want Rambus or u will go broke!
Hope this helps