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hey, i was just need some advide of something here. I have a new IBM 31a computer, and it has come with the VIA S3 intergrated graphics( which shares 8mb from the memory) . I have a spare video card, its a nVidia TNT-2 M64, i was just wondering if it would be a improvement if i installed this card, instead if using the intergrated graphics. Would it improve performance?

also, the computer came with a CD burner, would it be better if i installed another Cd drive, so that i could copy dirve from this other cd drive, insted of the computer loading up the files then burning them. With the two cd drives sharing the same ide slot, would that slow performance or be a bad idea?

thanks for the help guys


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You'll find that it is not recommended trying to copy between CDROM drives on the same channel.

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