Need older Notebook Acc. I have an idea!!



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I was given a Pentium Pro 166 16mb ram notebook and I was wanting to make use of it. I was thinking of getting a PCMCIA Type 1 or 2 capture card to plug my XBOX to it during LAN party games. I want a type 1 or 2 card because it doesn't have cardbus and all PCMCIA acc. are cardbus now so I'm limited. I found a couple people selling a device called Notebook TV on EBay that allows you to watch antenna or composite video through PCMCIA and selling for around 60 bucks. I also wanted to add usb to it if I find it cheap enough because I'm focusing more on my gaming desktop and don't want to spend too much money on this. I'm mainly just focused on any capture device and if a USB card and USB capture devices can be found I'm hoping to spend around the same amount. Hey!! It's better to play on a 14" LCD than spending 150 bucks on the XBOX 5" addon screen from a toy store. Hehe!! So if anyone can find anything I can get, it would be a huge help. Thanks everyone and sorry about the novel. -Mike:cool: