Need new Motherboard



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Help me choose a new motherboard. I prefer the Z68 chipset, but I am open to all suggestions. Cost is not an issue.
The most important issue is stability, will not be interested in serious overclocking.
In looking over the various options, ratings, and especially customer reviews, it seems everything is a row of the dice, Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock etc. All seem to have some serious issues. Reports of DOA, bent pins, boot looping, instability and more. My most recent board, Intel was one big headache. I would like something with a really good chance of working the first time, no dealing with RMA, Tech support, etc.

Thanks for your input.

I currently have the following components:

I7 2600K
Artic freezer13 heat sink (overkill for me, but I already have it)
8 gig memory, 1600
WD 1t Black HD
Intel 320 series SSD, 120 G
LG Multi DVD
Will use add on video card, but still want onboard DVI, HDMI or Displayport connectors.
Using Windows 7


Following lists Z68 mobos according to feedbacks rating,

Your best bet is likely ASUS or GIGABYTE brand.

ASRock has been questioned in the past about their manufacturing quality control.


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Asus, eVGA & Gigabyte boards have been kind to me lately, but none of them are 100% perfect all the time (nature of the beast).


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I use a lot of Gigabyte and Intel motherboards in my line of work and they're generally pretty solid. My passionate favourite is MSI though. They're just great well-rounded boards. Well featured, dependable and not overpriced (like Asus).

I'm still using the now quite dated MSI K8N Diamond Plus in my wife's computer, the newer MSI Big Bang-XPower (crazy name) in my computer and some mATX MSI Z68MA-G45 boards in work systems that run 24/7 for periods of a month at a time playing crazy high resolution H.264 videos (5760x1080) in stores.