need high quality pc100 sdram.



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need pc100 sdram for an o/c'd Asus p2b-ls
what is the best brand available?
I was looking at:
(Micron) 128MB PC100 168PIN SDRAM 16X64-8NS
(Samsung KM48S8030CT-GH)128MB CAS2 PC100
168 PIN SDRAM 8X64 for $225
What is this CAS Latency 2 on the Samsung?
What about faster pc133 Ram (worth it?)
Any suggestions welcome.


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Stay away from the Micron if yuo can help it. They seem to have some issues in the chips, which cause comaptibility problems.

The SEC stuff is pretty good. They have been at it since the beginning. As for the CL2 rating, it's not really a factor just yet. If your motherboard supports it, you probably won't notice much of a difference. And if the support is not there, you still won't notice it. (Backwards compatible.)

CL2 (CAS Latency 2) is a minor speed rating. PC100 SDRAM can be either CL2 or CL3.

PC133 memory? I presume you mean 133Mhz SDRAM. Not a factor as yet. With PC100 memory running at 125Mhz, they are going to wait for a bigger jump before rolling out suuport. Baiscally, don't waste your money on the PC133 stuff.