Need Help With CD-ROM - Please


Steven Schlang

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I run a PentiumII - 450mhz...I recently had an Acer CD-RW installed. The person who installed it slaved the CD-RW to the hard-drive (although the installation said to slave it to the CD-Rom). Thing is, the CD-Rom is acting extremely sluggishly. It is taking a long time to unload files from CD to hard-drive and when my kids tried to run a game which had been working they got a message that the CD-Rom was already in use.

I have no idea as to how to go about beginning to correct this situation. Can any kind guru help jump-start me? Thanx.


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It makes absolutely no difference which connector on the IDE cable you connect the CD drives to - middle, end, makes no difference - just make sure that one drive is configured as a slave and the other as a master. And never put a HDD and a CD drive on the same IDE cable because in doing so, the transfer rate will be screwed.
Just my $.02-

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I have a similar system with exactly the same ACER CDRW. Do not slave your CDRW to the hard disk. Slave your CDRW to the CD-ROM instead. My is working fine with this setup


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I have the same CD-RW on mine. Hopefully have another CD Rom as well. Here goes.

Open the case. There should be 2 IDE cables inside. This might be the problem if you only have the CD-RW and a Hard disk. If you only have these two, you are going to need to get an IDE cable. Cost 2 bucks tops. Don't worry about manufacturer or anything like that. Your CD-RW and CD (if you have one) should never be on the same cable. There is supposedly a problem with IDE buffers that sometimes looses data. That's why writing from hard drive to CD-RW is always the best bet. Anyway back to the problem. There are jumpers on the back of each drive. The hard drive and CD-RW should be set to master. The CD should be set to slave. The end plug goes in the master. The middle plug goes in the slave. One the IDE cable there will be a red line. This is your #1 wire. Near the sockets on the drives, there should be a number telling you what wire is the #1 wire. This should fix your problem on the hardware side.

You have a new motherboard, so the bios should be pretty easy. Enter the bios and select autodetect hard disk. It should pick up all ide drives. Save settings and exit. Now as far as your copy software goes, there is an update on the software manufacturers home page. Yours will probably be 3.0. They have a 3.5 out now. Fixes a bunch of erros. Email me if you have any questions.