Need Help On Setting SCSI using Jaz 2GB and .....


God Of RPG

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I use to have a Plextor 32x SCSI CD-ROM Drive in my system, it comes with a OEM Adaptec 2940AU USCSI adapter. The CD-Rom Runs great. But I just bought a JAz 2 GB External Drive and set it Up.
I set it like this :
The Jaz Drive set to ID 4 Term On
The SCSI Card, set to ID 7 Term Auto ( Off I think)
The CD-Rom, Set to ID 3, Term OFf

Ok, stuff seems to work together. but when I try to install something from my CD-Rom to my Jaz 2 GB Drive,the Drive Stop responding and the drive is a gonner, yes, I mean It goes crazy,Ok I return it and try another Config but still doesn't work.
Can Anyone here Help me ????