Need help installing CD-ROM!!



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I am putting together a P90 for a nephew in college without a PC. I installed a Floppy, Hard drive and 64meg of memory and MSDOS 6.2. I installed a CD-ROM(physically) into the tower, attached the power cord and the ide cable but how do i install the drivers and get it to work without windows????? I cant install win95 without it????


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With the CD-ROM, a 3.5" driver disk should have come as well. Just run the install program off the disk and reboot when finished. It will have made changes to autoexec.bat and config.sys so that DOS recognizes the CD-ROM drive on startup. Good luck!


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The CD-Rom comes with dos drivers if you don't have them go to the manuf. website and download that models' DOS Cd-rom drivers to a floppy and print the direction off of the web on how to install. Or e-mail me the make, and model number and I'll find the driver for you