Need help for repair my Ati Hd7950



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I buyed months ago, a HD7950 Card with 3GB in local Shop.

I used this card in Old computer 775 with Msi motherboard, and Vga work fine.

I Update this computer to 1155 system with Core I7 2600 and Asrock Extreme 4 P67 B3 motherboard.

Ati Hd7950 no work with this system. I tested it in other 1155 system with Pci 3 Gen and no work.

Finally I send message for help to Amd. Finally a lot of send messages replies to Amd.

I discovery, I was a great swindled. My local shop sold my a Dell Vga Hd7950 Card...... This card is no for sell in local shop, is card for sell with Dell Computers.

My card only work in Pci Express 16x working at 8X. No work in motherboards with Pci Express 16x at 16x .

Then I decide check my Vga Hd7950, and then I found problem...

Two smd components (Resistor or Capacimeter), missing in Card.

This Two smd components, are in the area of PCI Express Vga connector with the motherboard (where the pins). This missing Smd no appears broken, this missing Smd appears removed by Dell for use Vga at 8X in Computer Dell.

I look in google, other users problems with Vga Card only work at 8x Pci Express 16x, finally found exact problem with missing Smd components in the same zone Vga.

I have a Electronic Solder Skills. I have a Station solder and large experience with repair electronic components. Is easy for me resolder this two smd components.

But, I have a problem. I do not know who exactly are these Two SMDs.

1)Are resistor or capacimeter?.
2)And what is electronic value for this Resistor or Capacimeter?.

I have looked, this smd appears are standart in all Pci Express Vga Cards... but not sure.

I have a Dead Hd4890, and I can remove this two Smd from this Broken Hd4890 and later solder in my Hd7950..

But I prefer to be sure, these components are the same and have the same value.

Do any of you, known to be and what value do they have?.

I added Pics for my Vga Card and for Zone hardware problem and missing Two Smd.

My Card:

Two Smd Zone missing/Damage Pic from my Vga Card:

Other Pic from Google with Reference Card Hd7950. (All Smd in Zone)

Other Pic from Google with Hd7950 Twin Frozer (All Smd in Zone)

Thanks for help