Need HELP for CL Graphics Blaster!!!!!



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Has anyone out there successfully overclocked their graphics blaster?!? I've got a utility that let me do it. I've been using Quake II to test it. By default, the core speed is at 95 and the memory speed is at 110. I tried moving the core to 105 and the memory to 120 but when I start Quake II there are horizontal line on the screen. When I moves the speeds back to where they were, the lines disappear. I've gone to great lengths to make sure heat is not a problem. I took the heatsink off the video chip and replace it with a Lasagna X heatsink/fan and I've put a slot fan directly underneath the video card.

So, is there some kind of core/memory speed ratio I need to consider? Help, help!


first off, what utility are u usin?
i get mine (with OEM heatsink) to 110/120 with no prob.


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I have my CL tnt running right now at 110 core and 115 memory. I am using a little utility called gamers assistant... I think I found it here:

Give that one a try. I had problems with the utility powerstrip because it changed the settings for my monitor, and would not run properly with the settings it kept. The gamers assistant is a cool little program that takes very little time to tweak you card with.


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Sorry, it seems they have disabled the tnt feature of the program with the new version, and will be re-adding it soon...

Dont get it now, it wont work for you...

I have the older version working fine for me.


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I was just curious. What's the point on overclocking a 16Mb TNT card? Is the card not fast enough for some games? I mean, if you are already getting a steady 25fps or above why would you need to overclock? Do you actually get a better visuals by doing this?

I guess I'm assuming you'd have a pretty fast CPU. Are people overclocking video cards to make up for the performance lost due to a "slower" CPU?

Also, I have a CL TNT with a PII 450MHz. The TNT card came set at 110 for, ummm is it core or memory the Blaster utility lets you adjust? Anyway, it came set at 110 and when I clicked the "Set to Default" button it pushed it back down to 100. What is the default?


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Why people overclock?
Because they believe human eyes can tell
the difference between 36fps and 38fps.
Because they think the number 38 looks
a lot better than 36.
It is a spiritual thing. You believe
in it, then it works for you. (at least
you feel it that way)


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The question isn't "Why overclock your already fast card", the question is "Why not". Why pay $180 for a video card when down the street they have it for $150? Why lay out at the pool when you live next to the beach? Which leads us to "Why run a video card at 95 mhz when it can do 110?"

I'm running it on a PII 450 as well and it runs great the way it is. Maybe it gives me something to do to try and get it overclocked and running stabily. I don't know. I believe in getting the most out of what you pay for. Of course, that's assuming you get the freakin' thing doing it without lines on the screen. The 110 speed you are referring to is the memory speed. Changing the memory speed is not overclocking. The core speed has to be upped as well. I can run it at 100 core and 115 memory just fine but I was hoping to get a little more out of it. So far, no success.

And, BTW, the naked eye can't tell the difference between 36 fps and 38 fps. I can agree with that somewhat. But, given the choice, why not have 38 fps? In computer games, speed is always important no matter how small the difference is. I intend on getting it to run as fast as is safely attainable.


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I have the core clocked at 105 and memory at 118 I was only able to do this after installing the hercules drivers, which I recommend.