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Hey there.. I have an X-Fi XtremeMusic sound card and I'm looking to buy logitech speakers.

However, one thing I'm very nervous about is the magnetic field, or magnets contained in speakers and the subwoofer.

Can an LCD monitor be damaged by the magnets or magnetic field? I'm guessing the effects on the computer wouldn't be very good (hard drives being wiped, etc).

I basically need help choosing logitech speakers, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like suggestions for both 2 speakers and 5 speakers.




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You don't need to worry, the satellite speakers are shielded against interference. Actually, most if not all computer speakers are. As far as I know, unlike CRT monitors LCD aren't affected by magnetic interference at all, so you should be fine :)

Subwoofers might be another matter, some are shielded, some are not, but I don't think it could wipe out an HDD. To be sure, keep a few feet between it and your computer case if both are on the ground. It might give you less rattling as well.

As for suggestions, it mostly depends of your budget, but I'm guessing that since you have an X-Fi, you probably have the money and likely aiming for the highest-end models. For a 2.1 setup, in my opinion there's no reason to go with less than the Z-2300. For the 5.1, the Z-5500 looks very solid. They also have a lower power but more expensive 5.1 model (Z-5450) with wireless rear satellites. I don't know if it affects the sound but it might be a good consideration if you don't want to mess with wiring to the rear speakers.

However, my best recommendation is to try various brands/models out for yourself in a store if you can, your ears will be the better judge ;)
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Klipsch THX :)

I happen to think that the Klipsch THX series is the way to go.
They are not as cheap as the Logitech but the quality of sound is significantly better also. I've had mine for a year now and think they can't be beat.(movies,music,gaming) all crisp clear sound.