Need good ATX case and ps



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Hey all,
I am going to get (probably) and Abit VT6X4 with a Celeron 533. What would be a good case and power supply. I was thinking 300watt, but would 250 be good? Also, is a generic case ok, or should it be better? I don't know anything about cases, so I need all the help I can get.


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Consider a SuperPower Zephyr MidTower case. I have worked with several and I use one for myself also. Take a look at it here for $47 with a 250W PSU. The SuperPower PSUs are beefy units with enlarged heatsinks and I've found them better then no-branders.

It's deeper then most generic cases with a 19.5" depth vs 16". That allows for improved cooling and more versatile placement of equipment/fans.

If you can't get a case like that locally, look for a Enlight midtower, a ASUSTeK (Elan Vital) midtower or a In-Win midtower. Those are all good choices regardless.

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