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I'm building an Athlon XP based system and was wondering what kind of affordable case and psu you guys would recommend. It will probably be the 1800 and it won't be overclocked at all. Thanks.


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I too bought last week a new system built around an 1700XP. I bought an Antec SX830 300w case and I am not pleased with it nor I am displeased.

The reasons I bought the Antec are:
-efficient 300w PS, AMD approved
-it is *supposed* to be silent w/ 2 8cm fans
-4 holes to put fans

Well, the PS is good, and 4 holes to put your fans is a good feature too.

But 2 fans working at 12v are so loud!! I had to make them work at 7v or 5v to not hear them: from this point of view, I was *very* disapointed: I could have obtained the same result w/ a cheaper case!

My 2 cents if you want to buy this case.

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I'm very happy with my Globalwin 802, cheap and bags of space for loads of goodies, even if it does only come with 2 80mm fan positions not the Antec's 4! Slide-out MB tray, thumbscrews all round (not the torturing kind but the sort that make case ownership joy
), loads of harddrive space (you can stash two in the roof!), deep enough to accommodate any motherboard without drives overhanging it. That's about it, the looks aren't exactly classic, but they're growing on me.

As far as PSUs go there is another thread on this right now here


Another vote for Antec Performance series cases... SX830, SX1030, SX1030B...
Unless you are talking of a really tight budget,
Then AOpen HQ45, Enlight EN 7230 series and Inwin S500 cases may be of interest.

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I got the Antec 630. It is a regular sized mid tower. I could not fit the 830 and 1030 on my desk. They are about 2" taller and deeper. Expect to pay around $100 for a case and power supply. These two items can make a big differance on cooling and stability and will likely out live the rest of the parts in your computer. You CPU and graphics card get upgraded every 1-2 years and sound card, hard drive, memory, and motherboard every 2-3 years if you are trying to keep your system even close to up-to-date. The case on the other year should last you at least 10 years and the power supply about 5 (unless they really change the standards).

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