Need advice today, PLEASE!



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Could you please recommend a fast, quiet, dependable CD-ROM drive?

I just built my dream system and have found that maybe I did a little too much dreaming. I am going to return my DVD drive in exchange for a regular CD-ROM. The money saved in this transaction will go toward a DVD player for my home entertainment system. (It's more pratical.) Anyway, I need to do this ASAP, like today, so I can still return the drive within the allowed period.

I am not too concerned with the cost of a regular CD-ROM. Compared to DVD drives they are all cheap. What I want is something that has very fast access speed and, more than anything, is dependable. Quiet would be nice too. Thank you all!


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ASUS 32X cdrom..
By the way, i wan to ask something about your dream machine, What graphic do u have?
and Sound card?


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Here is the "dream" system I built a couple of weeks ago:

ASUS P2B-L motherboard
Pentium II 450MHz
128Mb 8ns PC100 SDRAM w/ ECC
TEAC floppy drive
IBM 14.4Gb 7200rpm UltraDMA/33 hard drive
CL GB Riva TNT 16Mb
CL Live! (full version)
CL PC-DVD Encoure 5x
CL SW Theater 5.1 Speakers
Hauppauge WinTV
Viewsonic G810 21" monitor

So, my thinking is that if I return the DVD and get a normal CD-ROM I'll save like $175 and if I return the Theater Speaker system and get the 4point system I'll save another $75 or so. That's $250 I could add with the $200 that I'm going to spend on a new CD player for my home stereo. And whoala ... a $450 Sony DVD for my home system for the same amount of money I already have invested.