Need a Video Card



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I have a K6-300 system with 128M of SDRAM.. I run 3DMax2 and I need a recommendation of a fast PCI Video card under $250.. Games are not my priority, OpenGL is ..Any suggestion?


I've been running 3dsmax since it's beta release(and 3dsr4 before that)And I can honestly tell you, although i love it, nothing accelerates it worth a damn. It supports openGl and directx, but unless you run Heidi, it will not really matter. I just bought a Velocity 4400 RivaTnT PCI. It has an openGL driver, (which i do not even use, )beautiful 2d, and fast as hell 3d. I bought an Oxygen 102, when they came out, over 1000.00) and returned it. There is no board under $250.00 that will matter. What I'm going to do is run my velocity, and buy quantum 3d's Realistorm bundle. (It's a lplugin and a voodoo2 card, that allows for real-time preview renders to a seperate monitor> you can save your previews to disk.)
The plugin is only 199.00 with the purchase of a Quantum Obsidian voodoo2 board. It does nothing for the 2d shaded work environment. But with realtime previews, i don't need a shaded work environment. This may only make sense if you know what opengl and heidi exactly do in 3dsmax.