need a good video card for p200mmx



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I have a P200MMX overclocked to 225 and 32megs of ram...I, probably will soon upgrade to p233MMX and 64 Mg of ram on a super7 board... probably o/c to 300...
Need a good videocard
the decision is between Riva TNT vs S3Savage3D vs 3Dfx Bansheevs Matrox G200...

P.S. I personaly like the S3Savage3D but I want to know some more opinions... Also it's mainly for gaming puposes like Q2...


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I love my Matrox G200, AGP of course.
I have 8 megs on it (standard), but I hear the upgrade to 16 really rocks.

Hi SoundZ

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First off I think you should upgrade to the AMD K6 2 350 (it is 135.00 @ forget the 233 pentium mmx. I own the STB Velocity 4400 TnT board and I am very pleased with the performance. To each his own, when you ask what board to buy, it is like asking what is the best truck made

To sum it all up, get TnT and the AMD 350.


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Upgrade to p233? A p200 oc'd to 3x75 is faster than a p233 standard, and even if you oc it you won't notice any real difference.
Anyway, if you're not going for a 350MHz+ CPU the Banshee or G200 are probably best choice. The Savage isn't that bad I guess but it's got crappy drivers.
If you wait for the AMD K6-3 this will kick some serious butt together with a TNT-card.

XxMxAxDxX Pyro

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If u decide to buy Savage3D:
DO NOT BUY ONE WITH SDRAMs !!! They are up
to 15 % slover than One with SGRAMs.
Savage3D is a good chip, but who knows if
the games will really support the featured of savage3D
Other chips are better at the moment because there are really no good drivers yet. They still have too many bugs and don't take
everythin out of savage.
Banshee might be good if u love Glide games.
G200 is slower but has exelent drivers.
TNT if u have the money...
If u buy AMD K6-2 visit some homepages and look want driver will support 3Dnow!. Otherwise the games must support it to take advatage, but older ones wont !!!