Need a good video app for my IPAQ?!?



Vlad The Impaler
I have an HP IPAQ 4240, handheld, with Windows Mobile 5, and I need an app that will play my videos. Most of them are .avi (DiVX), but some are .mpg, .mpeg, and very occasionally an .asf. My .wmv files play with the native windows media player, but I have tried both Nero mobile, and "Pocket DiVX", for the others, and had zero luck with either. Many videos will play the video or the sound, but none will play both (in either app), and some crash the PDA.

I'd prefer free programs obviously, but if I could get a good player for $40 or less, that would play everything, including "DiVX" .avi's, I'd be willing to pay for it, but I am not gonna buy multiple apps for every kind of file.

So best case scenario, I would like a player that plays everything, but if there was a few free ones that cover all the bases that would be cool too. Any help is appreciated.