Need a [email protected]#! card for my new system!



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Since the death of my Voodoo3 3k, I need a good reliable card..and i want it to be fast as hell. i've using a peice 0'crap S3 trio for back-up. I need to take this trio and take a dump on it. Help me out here folks..
sugguestions, prices, and other are all greatly apprectiated.

My system:

PIII 550e soon to be overclocked BIG TIME!
256 MB Pc100
WD caviar 10Gb
Acer 50x cdrom
HP 8x burner
Soundblaster Live! X-gamer
...just got a Quantum 12Gb UW ScSi 2

Thanks in advance!


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V5 6000 offers great framerates as does the gf2 ultra, but also offers the stunning 4xFSAA( Sucks big time on any nvidia-card)


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Depends how much you wanna spend really, both the above mentioned cards will set you back somewhere around $500!, WAY TOO EXPENSIVE for me, you could get a GTS for around $250 or less (havent checked recently

Athlon [email protected],Abit Ka7, 128mb PC100, 12mb Voodoo 2, 17" Sony Monitor, SB Live.
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