Need a decent video card for HP Slimline PC



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Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with the HP series of Slimline PC's but I have a Slimline s7520n PC and I am looking to upgrade the video card in it mostly to improve game performance (World of version of drug addiction, lol!). What I am finding is that this machine has only a PCI slot available to me and not only that, but any card I use must be "low profile". I'm not a computer guru...I just want a decent card around 250 mb on board to throw in the machine, but I can't seem to find one that fits the bill. Any advice or experience with this type of problem would be sooo greatly appreciated!

p.s. I have also discovered that the some cards have power supply requirements...also a problem because I think the power supply in the HP Slimlines is also an oddball...just my luck :eek: Thanks again for any help!


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you might want to check the wattage on your psu. these oem's tend to come with barely adequate psu and you have to be careful with the power draw of any new hardware. i would say that any graphic card that requires an additional power connection are most likely going to cause problems.


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I doubt a PCI slot card would require an extra power connection, but you should heed athi's suggestion about the psu. A small case will have a smaller than standard psu in physical size, and also in power output. A gaming video card is the most power hungry component you can add to a computer, and may well exceed the psu's capability.
Your ultimate choice may well be to accept a very modest improvement in gaming with a card your small psu can handle, or get a minimum of a mATX (about 15 1/2" tall) tower with a new motherboard and psu. And you will find it difficult to get definitive information on exactly what level of card your psu can supply. You'll find some info on video card power draws in the psu link in my sig.


i'm guessing that your not going to find anything too powerful to give a good quality HP powersupply a problem

the best PCI card i could find on my usual etailer was a powercolour HD 2400pro..


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Hey kingpumpkin I dont know if this helps but, at Frys's Electronics they sell an Nvidia 5700 PCI card that is Low Profile and has 256mb of Ram. Dont know if that card is too old for you..but it should definitly Run WOW. BTW I just Purchased a Slimeline Today it Model # 3400t ..Cant wait till it arrives.. Peace Out Man!!