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Hi there,

My DVD player is connected to my HDTV with a threesome cable. The prongs end in red, white and yellow. The cable is very short and I want to increase the length since it is inconvenient for me to move the player close. What is the name for that type of cable? If I begin looking for it on the web I will spend hours and perhaps buy something wrong. I need it to be about 6 feet. Would it be a problem to have it that long?

My second question is about HT. How is it set up? I presume I have to have an operating system for that? Do they have OS for HT or you can set it up on Vista for isntance?

What would be hardware requirements? Could anyone provide a couple of useful links for me to get started?

You see, I am totally green on that but I do have vast experience with software development and considerable with handling hardware as well.

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I'll try to help with the cables, not sure if it will be concise enough but I'll try :D

The cable you have right now is called composite (it refers to the yellow plug for video, red and white are for stereo audio). It's usually what comes in the box with the player, and it works with almost any TV out there.

However, if you have an HDTV, composite is the worst connection you can have, as the parts of the video signal (luminance and chrominance) are blended together to be carried into a single wire, and the TV has to separate it at the end leading to a loss of quality. Composite is an entry-level video connection, and if you have a decent TV you're pretty much guaranteed to have better inputs than that.

A better choice would be S-Video, but the the best would be either component (sometimes known as YPbPr) or HDMI. HDMI is the best as it's entirely digital, but sadly it is used only on recent upscaling players. However, pretty much all standard DVD players and HDTVs have component inputs so it's extremely likely you have it.

Component is like the one from your first link, and has three wires (red/green/blue) exclusively for video, with two red/white wires added for audio if you want a cable that also carries stereo sound to your TV. Note that if you have an upscaling or progressive scan DVD player, only component and HDMI can carry 480p and onwards, composite and S-video will be limited to 480i.

As for the length, 6 feet is very short so you won't have any problem with any type of cable. As an example, some video cables for in-wall installation can go to 100 feet (though it might require a repeater or booster to get there).

Finally, if you want a good place for all sorts of cables (A/V or PC), you can take a look at I bought most of my A/V wiring there and they have great quality cables at awesome prices.
But whatever you do, don't ever touch Monster cable :p

Don't hesitate if you have more questions :)


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Nice prices there. :) I had been buying from cableclub but that will cease now. Thanks!


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Thank you very, very much, equinoxe. This is great. it is plenty. I am glad I posted. Now I will purchase the best.

Tahnks again.