Near Geforce 2 performance for 1/3 price



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Hmm... Actually it looks more like the performance of a Geforce SDR for the price of a Geforce SDR. The Geforce DDR still spanks it all over the place in anything past 800x600x32bit. That 166mhz SDRAM holds it back a lot, but I guess also keeps it cheap at $119.

Definitely an awesome card for the price. It beats out the SDR slightly, plus has LOT better feature set. No more high power drain (only 4 watts, half the GF2, 1/4 the Geforce), dual display out, the NSR from the GF2, and the same T&L unit running 175mhz for about 20million vertices/second.

If you were planning on getting a Geforce SDR or TNT2 Ultra, definitely dump that in favor of the MX.

I hope they decide to make an MX DDR. They should be able to release that for $199. Right now if the GF2 is too espensive and the MX is too slow, theres nothing in between to fill the $180-220 price ran expect the old Geforce DDR which has less features and some compatibility issues. An MX DDR could REALLY kick *** . I'd buy one, at least. Guess I'll just have to wait for the GF2 to drop more or just get the old GF DDR and play with my IO voltage.

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It is basically a GeForce 256 SDR in performance and price (roughly). The main thing is he core should run very cool and support the features that the GeForce2 GTS have, but not the GeForce 256 (per pixel shading). It might overclock OK bu they are hamstringing the memory... 166Mhz 128bit SDR or 166Mhz 64 bit DDR. The DDR vesion might be a little cheaper to manufacture and will probably be avaluable in a sub $100 price range

I personnally think a 16MB version for $75 would be nice too (and drop the cappy Vanta cads).


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If it overclocks well it may be worth trying one out. May do 200/200mhz if fans and memsinks were added and the card has 5.5ns or better memory. Wonder where it would fall then, GTS, DDR or SDR?

I really question those Spec Viewperf results Anand ran, my SDR spanked the Prophet 2 I had. Disabling line A-A in ProCDRS, I can get 42.71 geo-mean on my SDR card but the Prophet2 could only do 25 which is what Anand got with line A-A enabled.

Couldn't explain it and ran it several times with different driver's to make sure. I doubt it's any kind of hardware limitation, driver's maybe but it would have to be tied to the GTS specifically. One other review site confirmed what I saw, the GTS seemed crippled in pro-OpenGL apps. Tom's didn't even compare the GTS in his last pro-card round-up.

Anybody here sick of review site's and GeForce reviews? Just an ad hoc poll, I'm burnt out pretty bad on 'em. Voodoo5 came and went so now it's back to the same GeForce and Son's reviews. Kinda boring actually, seems someone could dig up something else interesting.


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maybe the crippling is intentional of Nvidia's, because they surely don't want anyone to go out to get a 300 dollars card that can kill their 600 dollars quadro.


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Yeppers, that's what I was thinking. Kinda silly to do that because I returned the Prophet2 and kept my SDR card. I will use what works best and has the best price/performance ratio.

Maybe a GloriaII will come down in price after the next Nvidia based professional card is released. Or hopefully Nvidia will open up the GTS after those cards come out, not a threat to their high end then.

GTS rocked in games, really tempting to keep it but too hard to justify. Had I gotten 42 geo mean in ProCDRS with line A-A enabled or even disabled I would have kept it but it was only 25 without anti-aliasing. Really just crept through the test when my SDR flies through it.

I've always gotten high scores in ProCDRS after disabling line A-A and even with it I keep up with most workstation scores. My CAD software doesn't even support A-A lines so I test what I have. Solid shaded anti-aliasing works great in CAD and line A-A works in 3DMax so why bother with a Quadro except for a little more speed?


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Hmm... Yeah, what Freon said. I've checked the review on Tom's Hardware, too, and it sure looks around a GeForce SDR performance. Definitely not GTS class.

Or, for that matter, it looks to me like it's around the performance of a Viper II. Which is already around that price (saw a Viper II for 113$ on Pricewatch a bit earlier), and will probably drop some more in the meantime.

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