Natural Flat!!!



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I'm going to buy a new monitor these days, but I can't decide between two of them...

One of them is Samsung SM959 Natural Flat, and other is Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 93SB.
Mitsubishi is about 20 percent more expensive. I'm planning to go with 1600x1200 resolution. Then, Samsung will give me 85Hz vertical refresh rate, and Mitsubishi 76Hz... what do you think?
Which one to buy? They both have Mitsubishi Diamondtron tube...

Help me!!

I stand for Mitsubishi, as a brand, definitely, but Samsung gives me better refresh rate for less cost.


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Both brands are excellent, but as the Samsung is cheaper and has better refresh rates, I'd go for that.


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If you can get better performance for less money and it's the same tube, then get the Samsung. I'd check if they have convergence adjustment as well, on a large screen it is very useful as most aren't perfect when they ship or can become misconverged with time.

I don't know what prices you are looking at but the Iiyama VM Pro 454 is an excellent 19" screen and will do [email protected] for you. It's not that expensive these days, only £260 in the UK, but relatively speaking I don't know how much you're looking to drop on the screens you've listed.