Name 4 or 5 games car games (driving or action), I should download or buy



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Also, is UNREAL T available for DIRECT3D? (my S3 S540, savage), I think I download once the demo and it said "cannot detect 3dfx or glide2x.dll" something like that.

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si soporta direct3d, talvez bajaste el demo que solo soparte glide que funciona solamente en tarjetas 3dfx..

pero puedes llegar al menu de configuración de unreal o no llegas hasta ahi?

y que juegos tienes para intercambiar?


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Midtown Madness will always get my vote.
Rally championship, if you like rally games.
GP3 if you like formula one racing.
Sports Car GT is good, but only gets exciting when you upgrade to the really fast cars.
UT can run in d3d but you need a good card and a fast cpu to get any decent fps.

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if i were u, i would get Half-Life, UT, Q3, Midtown Madness and NFS V. some other games u should think about u don't like them, NASCAR 3, Driver, Rogue Spear, and F1 2000


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I really like the new
Grand Prix 3 (it's better than F1 2000)
and also good is:
Need for Speed Porsche Unleased.


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Sports Car Gt...just about the most realsitic racing sim to date...

gran prix 3

very realistic


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Well driving games I would say Viper Racing/Sports Car GT and GP3 for pure realism. Action is a hard one since I havn't played alot of those in a long time but I still like playing Revenant, sort of action/rpg game. Also check out the Tony Hawk demo if you like fun and high speed tricks.


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well I think the new Carmagedon game looks good (can't remember what it's called, but it's effectivly Carmagedon III) the graphics are way better than Carmagedon II and hopefully (fingers X'ed) thet might have sorted the bugs out now!

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