My watercooling experiment



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I have decided to set up a watercooling rig, and I would greatly appreciate any comments on the choices I have made. And btw, I am on a budget.

Pump: Via-Aqua 1300. 370 GPH, Max Head 6ft, 20.5 Watt.
Radiator: Cooler Core Radiator... It's made of copper.
Block: TC-4 Revision 2. Also copper.
Misc: 6 Hose Clamps.

I plan to buy tubing and valves, to bleed/add water to the system, from Home Depot. I also have (4) 80mm case fans sitting at home, although I will probably buy a 120mm case fan locally, as the rpm's are lower, and 120mm will be quieter. I'll also be buying some Artic Silver from a local store.

The website I am ordering the gear from is and the reseller rating can be seen here

The bill from D-Tek comes to $105, which is pretty damn good. I am however concerned about the pump. Does anyone have any experience with Via-Aqua pumps? Is this perticular one very noisy, or unreliable? It just seems suspicious because of the $22.50 price tag!

The whole system is copper, so I shouldn't have to worry about oxidation of any sort... and I'll be using distilled water ofcourse. I think that's about it.

*Please* let me know if there are any flaws in my setup, as I only started learning about water cooling 2 days ago:)