my Viper550 is doin sum funky crap



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I use my TV as my monitor for now, and when i installed the latest drivers from diamond, and when you pick TV only and restart your computer it does not recognize your TV and you hafta to use your monitor to pick the option again.
Another problem is that when I installed the detonators my colors are black and white. Whats wrong?
If you need my computer specs here it is:
AMD k6-2 3dnow! 400
Viper550 AGP
Vision S7-MVP3 motherboard (people says it sucks, but its pretty good).
Diamond Mx200 sound card
Diamond SupraExpress 56k modem

Thanks in Advance!!


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First off, reinstall the latest drivers from Diamond. They aren't as fast as the Detonator, but they are a lot more reliable. In regards to you tv-out: with my Viper V330, to view on a tv, I need to shutdown the computer, unplug the monitor and plug in the tv, and everything works just fine. It's probably the same with the V550. When you have both monitor and tv plugged in, it automatically goes to the monitor over the tv. Hope this helps!


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Thanks for replying, thats the thing, I tried that method, unplugging my monitor and trying it again, and still goes back to the monitor, i know this cuz when it loads up win98 it goes blank and when i plug back my monitor theres the screen!
I dunno what to do, but im planning to get a 19 inch monitor soon. probably by next week, anyone got some good deals


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I have yhe same system then you but my card isn´t TV out (supose here in Porugal don´t have).I want to know if the lateste drivers from diamond works better (there is diference in the games??)then the original in CD. For install the new drivers i have to put in SVGA the card and run the setup, isn´t??