My TV Out is all messed up!



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I have my video card connected to my VCR with a S-video to composite video (RCA) cable. I was watching a DVD on the TV and the color started fading out so I suspected it was that "macro splashing" thing because its connected to a VCR so I open TVTool to try to fix that and now I can only get black and white output on the TV. I was getting color before.

I uninstalled TVTool, and my video card, reinstalled drivers, restarted, tried everything I know of and it will not give me color anymore.

Any ideas?

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Luis G

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You should adjust the color, brightness and contrast controls, sometimes when you disable macrovision those controls will be modified.

Check if the cable is properly connected also.

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Did you make sure you used the "Clear Registry" option in the TVTool folder in the Start Menu before uninstalling it. If you didn't, all of the old values will still be there when you reinstall it. Also, make sure the TV type didn't get set to PAL.

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