My TNT2 Ultra 32mg, compared to a Radeon 32 mg



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hello all,
i need help!!!!! i wanna upgrade my video card, im on a budget so im looking at the radeon 32 mg either sdr, or ddr version, but i wanna know if i will have a performance increase compared to my 32 meg tnt2 ultra, please help, if anyone has one of those radeons, please tel me if there good, because im very interested in buying one! thanks, and merry x-mas!!!

Jesse Thompson

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The Radeon is an excellent card. However, given that you have a TNT 2 Ultra, which isn't all that slow, I think you might want to hold off just a bit longer, or buy a 64 mb ddr Radeon or Geforce GTS Ultra. I say this because buying the 32 mb SDR version of the Radeon may not yield as much of an real world performance increase over the TNT 2 as you may expect. If you must upgrade now, go with the DDR version of the Radeon or perhaps a GeForce2 GTS.


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That is not even close to true. The Radeon will give you a major boost due to T&L and DX8 support, as well as hardware assisted DVD playback. The speed increase will be noticable and vast. The Ultra is a serious ripoff as the Pro is easily overclockable to Ultra levels. The 64mb Radeon is a good buy, but for $100, the 30% boost may not be worth it, especially if you have no intent to use the video in/video out functions.

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