My slow âss system



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I see all you lucky bâstards posting your far out specs, well here is my kickâss system

Asus p2-99b motherboard
(no case so it's tacked into my desk)
celeron 333 oc'ed 375
4.2gig seagate
acer 6x4x32 rewriter
4mb generic ATI videocard
Diamond monster3dfx 8mb
96mb ram
a glued togeter floppy drive
17 trinitron bought on ebay for $99
(have to hit it real hard to make it work right)
10/100 3com fast ethernet on T2
bunch of old car speakers hooked up to onboard cheapy soundcard
(wires everywhere!)
Win2k advanced server & Wimme for games
all this and a keyboard that sticcks


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Thats nothing: Check out my system

Packard Bell Motherbord
50 MHZ 486-DX2
8mb ram
500mb hardrive
2x cdrom drive
crappy soundcard
crappy vidcard
14.4 modem

This isn't my primary sytem but I'll be dammed if someone has something slower. It runs windows 98 even though they recomend at leat 16mb ram or something like that.

Dude, where's my car?


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I've still got you beat. here's one of my others that i still use.

8mb ram
generic vga card
2400 baud external modem
(use it for a super cheapy network)
dos 5


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Lets keep it to your PRIMARY SYSTEM. I could beat you with a XT 8MHz, 640k memory, and blah blah blah, but here is my PRIMARY SYSTEM:

P2 266MHz
6.1GB IBM DMA-33
Sound Blaster Live!
17" Sony Trinitron Aperture Grile Monitor

3COM 10/100 NIC PCI
Decent speakers, not sound boxes

<sad> I need a new PC </sad>


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I've got you all beat:

25 mhz
486 SX (not Dx, no floating point)
2mb of ram
system speaker
I have no idea how gay the video card is
3 1/2 floppy
5 1/4 floppy
256mb hdd
Windows 3.1
12" monitor

[email protected] athlon
GlobalWinFOP 38
320mb pc-133 ram
abit kt7 raid100
8mb trident (killed my geforce2):(
20.5gb hdd

Cyrix MII

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i have 1 buried in the graveyard, here it is.
386sx 20mhz
2meg of ram
Xtended VGA trident 512K ISA
2x cdrom
SB 8bit mono ISA 8bit slot
1.44 drive
130mb harddisk
talk about ancient computer this is one of them that was quite decent in 91
yes I just dig this up out of graveyard so all can see, what ancient really is.


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I'm sure I still have a working ZX81 in a cupboard somewhere.....

512BTYES of ram!!!!!

[email protected] (2.2v)
128Mb PC133 CAS2 (NEC)
Prophet2GTS (210/375)
6.50 Detonators
3DMARK2000 4908
Q3TIMEDEMO001 (at 1024*768*32 at MAX) 82.5


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Man, I don't care how slow the rest of your PCs are- the poor guy with a Packard Bell 486 wins MY pity, heh
I mean, UGH! That's scraping the bottom of the barrel!

Besides, I'm trying to forget that year I wasted (1998) using a 486-33 to do heavy CAD and programming at work, whist coming home to a PII-400. I mean, geez, my video card practically had more MB RAM than my work PC had megahertz! FYI, I still only have a POS Pentium 233 MMX at work, damn cheapskates...

way back around 1989 or so we had this 8MHz 8088-powered IBM PS/2 at home I really loved. The MCGA monitor really kicked ass- 688 attack sub was great on that sweet little system... You kinda have to look at the PC in the current context of how old it was and what software you have to run. And the 8MHz never once felt slow! Now, anyone forced to use a 486 at this day and age... well... poor bastards

Asus A7V
Duron [email protected]@1.80V


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Don't kill yourself over my crappy system, its not my primary PC: My real sustem:
P3 [email protected](will do more but I only have stock cooling)
Abit BF-6
256 [email protected]
Asus V6800 32mb Geforce DDR
Kenwood 52X CD-ROM
8x4x42 CDRW
Sound Blaster 16bit for Joystick onl
(digital speakers run on USB)

I agree with you, if anyone is running on a 486, I'd start a fund to get him a new PC, escpecially if it was Packard Bell.

Dude, where's my car?


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Well you can start your charity event now because here is my computer.

486 50mhz
24mb ram
36k modem
2mb rage graphics card
win98-really slow takes 5 minutes to start with programs running.
no joke i built it myself.
I have to go to school if i want to play any games better then doom!


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better yet you can send me that old computer part you don't need so i can upgrade.heres my address
pobox 751005
fairbanks alaska


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My webserver, which has an uptime of
is a Pentium 75 on an AT&T motherboard with 40 megs of EDO and a 420 meg hard drive on a LAN connection. It mainly serves the images I post in forums like this one, and so has 3500+ hits. It is built into a cardboard box and cost in the neighborhood of $35 to build.

It said "requires Windows 95 or better," so I installed Linux.

outside looking in

Bah. Erm... Eh? Bleh!
Thank god I retired it some time ago... but my workhorse used to be:

286 @ 12MHz Packard Bell
1MB Ram (top of the line)
VGA graphics (top of the line)
40MB Hard drive (top of the line)
5 1/4 and 3 1/2 floppy (rare)

I almost cry when I remember that this system cost around three grand. I do cry when I remember that the Microsoft mouse + MS Paintbrush package cost about three hundred.

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I think that I may have the record for crappiest system still in operation:

Intel 8086 Processor (runs at 4Mhz!)
250Mb Hard Drive
1200/2400 Internal Modem
5 1/4" Floppy Drive
Windows 1.0 OS (DOS based; no mouse support as mice weren't around then)
12" viewable CRT


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You guys all lose. I'm at the internet cafe and i don't even have a computer.....

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Okay guys, The boys with the Packard Bells beat me, but this computer is still in use

Gateway 2000
Pentium 60
730 MB HD
15" Monitor

Oh the memories. I can still remember being the only kid on the block who could play Quake. Not to mention the whole Floating Point problem with those original Pentiums. Ahh the good old days.


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Ok I think I'd win this one (being one of my primary systems for doing Turbo Pascal programming):

Samsung [email protected]
1 meg ram
Generic svga video card
14" svga monitor
3.5" floppy
5.25" floppy
33 mb HD
no mouse
DOS 2.1
Born in the late 80's @ $5000 !!!


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man, i remember those days... playing Altered Beast with adlib sound... My computer was the bad-ass of the block back then! But, damn, these older non-Microsoft era computers are built like tanks! This system has honestly seen many deaths of younger computers... the only one to have survived my hands on learning!

it idiot

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looking at all u guys' systems, that reminds me that I am OLD now :)

my first computer (still working) is the Apple II with 48KB RAM, that I've upgrade and add on the extra 16KB RAM to make it a super 64KB machine, and I've played most of the games right back at that time (games like pac man, donkey kong and my no.1 lover load runner), and now finally I've own a much more powerful machine (compared to the old one - only a duron 800), and I hardly played any games (at least not the 3D type),
isn't that amazing ... :-(


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I remember suddenly having lots of credit and going to Sears, of all places!!, and buying a Packard Bell System that cost over $3000.00 and I thought I had really entered the digital age with a 486DX 50MHz! and this was at the end of the DX product cycle. They saw me coming! Sold it 2 years later for $850 and considered myself lucky. It was my first internet machine so it served some purpose.

electrons.......who would have thought?