My Router/Modem wont forward any ports!



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My Modem/Router Will not port foward!
Today at 21:38:03 Hello all,

I have a modem/router which is an : OPEN NETWORK Iconnect 625W R10.
Ive tried to forward a few ports but nothing and says it cant even see port 80 and 25 open etc.. Ive tried every port and none will open.. Im using Windows Firewall (Vista) and Avast! Protection which im sure doesnt use a firewall.
In the selection of when forwarding ports i have:
RULE NAME: (anything)
PROTOCOL (tcp,udp or tcp and udp together)
PORT START (same port)
PORT END (same port)
PORT MAP: (same port)

is that correct?

So why are there no open ports on my modem?

Cheers, Matt


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What is your modems IP address? Does your modem have a built in firewall? I'm willing to bet it does. Find the IP address for your modem, type it into the url bar and it will take you the configuration web page. Disable the firewall for your modem. If you've got a software firewall (which every computer user should have) then you don't need the firewall on your modem anyway.

Once you're on at the configuration web page follow the prompts to forward the ports.

You also need to make sure your software firewall isn't preventing those ports from being accessed. Did you configure your software firewall to allow traffic through the desired ports?
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