My PC100 id faster that my lie.



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Please excuse the spelling mistakes in the title.I was shaking with anger when I wrote it.

OK....long story short......

I had my 450 fine at 600mhz. 3DMark, UT, Windows all ran fine with my TNT2 having sidebanding disabled.

I was happy with this for a day or so..until I thought I will try 3DMark @ 600 with sidebanding enabled.


600Mhz, 1 64Mb pc100 dimm. 3DMark runs..just

600Mhz, 2 64Mb pc100 dimms. 3DMark dont run.

600Mhz, 1 128Mb pc133 dimm. 3DMark DONT RUN!!

WHHHHHHHHYYYYY???? The RAM is micron and all the mobo settings were the same!!


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What kind of mobo do you have?

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