My new PC spec - need feedback :-)



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So this is my new setup. Ordering next week. Anything should be different? Suggestions? Plz, I want the comp to be a bad a$$ "all purpose" dream machine :)

Asus A7V, VIAKT133-chipsett, Socket A
AMD Duron (Socket A) [email protected]
Mosel PC133 SDRAM 128mb CL2 x 2
Pioneer DVD spiller IDE 16x/40x Slot-in
Plextor PX-W121032A (12/10/32 intern IDE CDRW)
IBM IDE ATA-100 30000MB 7200RPM 75GXP (2 in raid setup)
Aopen Big tower ATX HX08 300W
GlobalWin CPU-Vifte Socket A/7/370/FCPGA + 80W peltier
Panasonic SL95 TCO95 19"
Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro


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Ohh :)

I already have a SbLive! and a Matrox G400 MAX - and I intend to keep both for a little bit longer :-D


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Nice, looks good from my viewpoint.
I'd recommend getting the latest drivers for your Hardware, hit the OEM sites, it helps.

If your are building it, I'd do the Video and Memory first, then the HDDs and CDROM, then add the other components after the OS install. Easier to troubleshoot.


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Do you need 60 Gig? The ATA 100 interface will only be slightly faster at burst. Sustain rate will still depend largely on the speed of the HD (7,200 rpm) and won't be much faster than a 7,200 rpm on ATA 66 or even ATA 33. IDE RAID is only faster on transferring large files, but won't do jack on small files. How much are two 30 Gig 75 GXP anyways? Can you get one SCSI HD and a SCSI interface instead for the same price?


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do u have a raid controller? i was looking at getting the abit hotpoint 100 or whatever it is called. it is like 50 has ata100 support and is like 50 and i don't have to modify any thing. has anyone used this?