My new fan!



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my system is
ATI Xpert 2000 Pro 32mb
IBM Deskstar 60GXP 40GB IDE 8.5ms 7200rpm
512Mb PC133 SDRAM
ECS K7S5A Socket A (SIS 735)
AMD Athlon 1GHz 266 FSB
with a Coolermaster DP5-6H51 on top
and the CPU was around 45-50c and the system temp was at about 37-40 ish. I brought a new fan Coolermaster 80x80x25mm DAF-B81 Case fan.
I have install it as an intake fan. This does not sheme to have done much to the temp.
Should I turn it aronud to make it an exhast fan?


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preffered way would be 1 fan sucking air in(on the front of the case ) and the other blowing it out (on the back),thus creating airflow throughout the case
however if you intend to use 1 fan than exhaust would produce better results in my opinion

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You can remove the plate on the ATX Usb connectors to allow more air out of the back of the case. I suspended a 92mm fan by platic coated paper clips hung from power supply in mine pointed to blow over cpu, power supply, rdram and mobo chipset, then out thru this removed plate.

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Depending on the case, most have VERY restrictive grills that the fan has to try to draw air through. You can make a fan 2-4 times more effective by cutting out the cactory fan grill. If you want you can add chrome wire grills for about $1-2 each. They restrict the least amount possible and still have a fan guard.

You can also route cables and such so they do not restrict airflow in the case. You can add blow holes in the top, side, or bottom for extra fans (side is the easiets since you can remove the pannel to do the cutting).

Also that heatsink SUCKS

This thing will not cool your CPU very good. Get something like this:

This is the Thermatake Valcaon 6Cu. It is much larger (80x60x40mm with a very large copper slug in the base. The fan is 60x25mm and generates much more airflow. Even if you stuck with the thermal pad on this thing you should run much lower CPU temps. You can get it here for $9 +$6 S&H. They also have 80mm case fans for really cheap ($1.75 and up):

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