My FPS drop like hell with this new mobo!!!



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I had a MSI 6163 PRO + Gef DDR (creative) + 128 ram + p3-600e.
When the cpu was overclocked to 740 and i tested q3 at 800*600 al to the max in demo001 i got 115 FPS. THe prob is my sistem was not stable and was sooner or later goin to crash in q3.
I now got a SOYO-SY 6VCA (apollo133a chipset) and oc-ed the cpu to 800 and it is stable (ramclk-pci). But in 800*600 al to the max in q3, demo001 i now ge 98 fps.

And btw WCPUID shows me i'm usin AGP 2X and in bios i have AGP 4X enabled. How do i put it to AGP 4x???


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Well i can't tell you why that is happening, but can tell you that you shouldn't worry about it too much. Even though the computer tells you you have a drop in framerates, you personally wouldn't be able to tell. Infact to you, it looks the same as if you had even less framerates, as low as about 60. Humans can't see faster then this, so you won't be able to notice the difference between over a 100 and 90.


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I heard humans can't see faster than 30fps, not 60fps...

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Of course your frame rates are lower, you went from a BX mobo to a VIA 133A mobo! The BX chipset has the edge in both memory and AGP bandwidth, so you should have expected a drop in fps.


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If i can get my hands on some Mushkin pc133 ram and a abit or iwill slocket then i'll switch back to BX.
THe only thing is i can't get those