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I own both Mechwarrior II and III . Does anyone still play Mechwarrior II on multiplayer. If so let me know where. I have the titanium trilogy edition. Also is there another place to play Mechwarrior III online besides the zone. I have Kali but it seems as though no one plays on KALI anymore.


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Zone is main place for MW3, now. On Kali some MW ppl hang out on ADL server://#260 Astrail Dominion.
Server://#252 Mech3 league server. the =VS= ppl play tribes they converted from All MW format MW2 MW3 Titanium, Mercenaires, Mech commander.
Kali is great for finding game servers still. Just no one is using it. Can join a game 3 times faster then in game system. Same servers in game that Kali displays.
Allot of MW2 ppl are in other games now, You'll recognize some names. See allot of SRM DMM people in tribes. Said Hell Horses and Jade Falcon of GC went to tribes also.
An old timer from way back serial number in 1000 range says "Kali is Dead". Too bad Kali has best Game connection speeds.
I don't have MW installed anymore. Mech is in storage. Uniforms are packaged and moth balled. Use spent LRM20 caseings for ash trys now

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MechWarrior (PC versions) Rules!!! That is my all time favorite simulator. It's in the top 3 of my favorite games. I own every version from the Original MW2 up to MW3 exp pack.

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