MSI nx7900GT Artifacts or simular.. pls help



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Hi all,

I recently bought a whole new pc (+-2 months ago), specs below.
had to rma the motherboard.. doa.

Got the mobo back, installed everything, runs good for about a week and suddenly 2days ago I got artifacts during cs source.
Now they keep coming back in about 5 minutes in every game.
(css, bf2, cod2)

Temps are ok, about 60 degrees in source.
Never overclocked this card.
Tryed to underclock but no improvement.
I tryed to install new drivers but they only make it worse.

I have now ID what this could be.

Thanks for helping me out.

Comp Specs:

Enermax 400watt psu
Abit AN8 32X (Socket 939)
amd 3800+ X2 64bit dual core
4x512mb GEIL
msi NX7900GT 265mb ram pci-x
2 x seagata sataII 200gig

Image of artifacts:

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thank you for the fast reply.

Is it not strange that the hand holding the gun is normal ?
also the small map is nomal.

Thanks again
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