MSI k7t266 and pc2700 DDR



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I am new and got lots of questions?
The first one is;
I have a k7t266pro mobo from MSI with 256 PC2100 DDR (no name), can I use pc 2700 DDR on this mobo and would I benifit on it by using this ( for oc'ing?).

I also have a T bird 1400, GF MX200 32MB (crap), 30 GB Maxtor


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I am not for sure on your board but on my KT266A board I am usin the PC2700 DDR ram and it works just fine

The best PC2700 DDR ram you can buy is Samsung, or at least I think it is. You can get a 256mb stick for $58 at
Todd a

Todd a

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The higher the better. It is all the same ram it can just be run faster. You can set the memory timings in BIOS more aggressively and likely still overclock it quite a bit. Memory tweeks can boost system performance by as much as 5-10% in some applications.


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I pulled the generic DDR266 PC2100 from my K7T266 Pro 2 and stuffed in a stick of Kingston ValueRam DDR333 PC2700....:D
Smiling happily @ 160 fsb with my XP1700+ @1760.


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No WAY. R U serious?

I got an MSI K7T266 PRO 2RU and I hope I can overclock my Athlon XP1900+ with 768MB of Kingmax DDR 333.
If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.
Heatsink is THermaltake Volcano 6 Cu


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dead serious ;)

My K7T266 Pro 2 is stable up to 160 fsb. Only PCI card is a NIC, and I have a MSI GeForce 3 Ti200 in the AGP slot.
Running Windows XP Home on a Maxtor Diamond Max 7200 30 gb HD. 56X CDrom and HP CD writer.
Ram is Kingston ValueRam DDR333 PC2700 256 mb stick in the slot closest to the CPU. All ram timings are 2-5-2 1 cmd.

I boot up @ stock FSB.....then use CPUCool or Fuzzy Logic to walk the FSB up to 160. Vcore is set at max, 1.85 but it only goes to 1.8.DDR voltage is set to default as higher volts seemed to cause BSOD.
XP1700 chip is unlocked by soldering the bridges but i just run it at 11x 160 for a good ,stable overclock.