MS-Dos compatability mode...



I have a WesternDigital 6.4 gig EIDE drive on my abit BH6 MB. No matter what i do (install ide drivers etc.), windows tells me all the partitions (the whole HD) is running under ms-dos compataility mode.
I want optimal performance!!! Does ms-dos compatability mode make a difference?
Also, this drive did the exact same thing on my old Asus SP97-V MB. I think it has to do with the boot sector?? i dont want to reformat and repartition.

thanx for any help....


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Yes, MS-DOS compatibility mode is slower than normal. I'm not sure how to go about fixing it, other than to make sure you have the latest drivers for things like your mainboard. You could also have a look in the MS knowledge base, .


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This problem can also be caused if the disk is FAT-32 (to find out right click on the disk and select properties. The second line on the "General" tab will tesll you.) Some BIOSes (especially older ones) will not work with FAT-32, and therefore the system must resort to DOS mode. If you need to convert the disk back from FAT-32, I recommend Partition Magic.