Mpeg2 problem dying to get help.....



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I have some trouble with the Sigma Hollywood Plus card. After I installed everything including the drivers and software that came with the packet CD. The DVD video disc just wont play. The software is REALmagic Hollywood Plus and it does only work with music CDs but not DVD video or even VCD? Why is that? When I tried to play the disc nothing would appear on the screen and there is no sound. I have done everything from going though the manual to reformat my harddrive and downloaded new drivers but nothing works please help!


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I am still unfamiliar with DVD, but you could try moving the decoder to a different PCI slot, it may be having resource conflicts with other devices.

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Are you sure that the drivers for the DVD player are installed properly? When you check the system does the CDrom appear as DVD or atapi cd? Maybe the card has a malfunction, I had a dxr2 card that would fail to intitialize. Creative replaced the card and it works fine now. Are there any error messages that appear? Along the lines that collinj was going, I once had conflicts too but resolved them by disabling one of the com ports in the bios thus freeing up an IRQ.