Mp3 Trip Portable Mp3/CD Player



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With the Mp3 music revolution in full swing, many new options are emerging for listening to Mp3 music files. The day of sitting in front of your computer to listen to 'em is quickly passing, and more and more exciting portable players pop up every day. The Mp3 Trip from Portable Mp3/CD Player is one of the most revolutionary to date.


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Ok, great so where can I buy it. I did a search for Trip MP3, Easybuy2000 and several permutations of both but no relevant hits.


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I've been waiting about a year for someone to put together this sort of thing. I too would like to buy into it though.


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I havent been able to find that particular one, but at there are a few cd based ones listed, and some are actually shipping.


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bout time somebody thought of this!
I was thinking about adding an MPEG decoder to an MP3 player for the lingest time!


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this is a good start, and how can theysay it has 50sec shock protection, this is digital music all at different qualities it should be in megabytes which would give you a better idea of how long it would really last. i think 4 meg would be nice, thats what my cd burner has and is perfect for playing mp3's. reads the disk for about 2 seconds and then doesn't have to touch it until the next song.


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I already order one, before this artical came out even.

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One thing I noticed is that the maximum volume level is rather low (maybe to save batteries ?).


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Hook me up, man I've been waiting for these things since I first heard about mp3 players. So many times I have thought I should make one before everyone else and get filthy rich. Well I guess that oppurtunity has passed, for now just gimme a portable mp3 player with 160+ tracks and dirt cheap media. I paid 250 for my 64MB Lyra-now its gonna be history to the first sucker who comes along...


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I dunno, I feel kinda weird paying 87 bucks for it. I think it should be more for some reason. I mean, the 64MB ones are like 300 bucks! Whats the catch?


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The MPTrip isn't the only MP3-CD player. There are about 30 others on the market!
The player itself isn't really what they say.
There is an unofficial helppage for MPTrip users. The link:
The MPTrip is also called Genica(on and DS-818(the orginal name of the player, the manufacturers website is down, the company doesn't exist anymore)
There isn't a remote for the player, nor is there one planned.
There are two new editions of the player: MPFlip and MPFit. Those players do have remotes, and the connectors are the same as on the MPTrip. I dunno of the MPFlip/MPFit's remote will work with the MPTrip.


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I recently bought one of these and it has a serious battery life problem. It lasts 30 minutes at most with the best heavy duty batteries. Standard batteries last about 10 minutes. Maybe my unit is defective? Apart from that is is fantastic and does everything it supposed to do, it ROCKS!
Anybody else have a battery problem?