Mp3 files on memory stick for car audio


jonny b

Computer Doctor
I have a car audio player with a usb port. I am using my 8GB usb stick with 1600 songs on it. It has 128MB free on the stick. I just dropped the songs on the stick, no folders.

Sometimes it will go 30 songs and stop or will go to the beginning of the songs again.

Do I have too many songs on my 8GB stick?
Do I need to make a folder and put them in a folder?
Do I need to make several folders and put them on the stick?
Will a folder be found from my car stereo? Or several folders?

Did I do this right by just dropping the songs directly on the device?

Note: there is no security folders or software on this 8Gb stick, only songs.


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Since in the other forum you said it was an aftermarket radio, I'd suggest reading your manual to see what file structure is recommended and if there's a maximum size supported. From what you described it might not cope well with a lot of songs in a single folder.